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Auckland Is New Zealand’s Most Populous City And Is A Multi-Cultural Hub Of Food, Music, Arts And Culture

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How Auckland protects its heritage topic

Auckland protects

The city of Auckland and its people believe truly in the cause of protecting their heritage locations, buildings of special significance and scenic streetscapes. The government and the citizens are obliged to do their bid to protect sites.

The Department of Conservation or Te Papa Atawhai is an agency recognised by the government of New Zealand. Its purpose is to protect and conserve the country’s cultural, historical and natural heritage. They are guided by the principles of Te Kaupapa a Te Papa Atawhai.

city of Auckland

Their purpose is Papatūānuku Thrives or Auckland’s heritage must thrive. The agency endeavours to reach the following outcomes: –

  • Te ora o Papatūānuku | Protection and conservation of nature’s bounty
  • Te hunga Atawhai | Caring and sharing people
  • Te ora o te Hapori | Communities that thrive and develop

The redevelopment and refurbishing projects can attract investments in making heritage sites and buildings having special significance o serve the public at large. In this sustainable way, the urban environment runs wild.

To make this happen, the City Centre Masterplan or CCMP operate at the local level. They

Understand the history of the city of Auckland

They have identified and recognised buildings, structures, heritage sites and landscapes to reflect on their importance.

Endeavouring and investing in the heritage sites to accomplish the goal of Tāmaki Makaurau or Auckland to grow and thrive.

The Auckland Unitary Plan

Management, conservation and protection of the heritage places and buildings having special significance are carried out according to the Auckland Unitary Plan. All the changes needed and action taken on these sites and areas are planned out according to the Unitary Plan to make sure that the sites maintain their relevance and continue to serve as a landmark inspiring the citizens and visitors.

What are the protected places under the jurisdiction of CCMP?

The CCMP keeps on adding places to their list of protected buildings and sites. The agency was started in 2012 and since then it has officially managed and protected the following: –

  • 66 sites of historical importance
  • One historic heritage area- Karangahape Road
  • 4 sites that hold cultural and heritage importance to mana whenua or the Maori Tribe. Three sites are proposed to be included in the list.

Historic areas under the CCMP

Two heritage areas having historic and cultural relevance have been marked, recognised, and protected. They are located near the commercial hub of Karangahape Road and the University of Auckland situated at Princes street.

Places of historic importance

The CCMP has been assigned to take care of the 215 protected heritage sites of historical importance. These 215 locations account for 10% of the total places in the region that are included under the Scheduled list.

15 sites important to mana whenua have been preserved and 41 trees and other types of fauna are also managed by the CCMP.

The Significance of SkyCity Casino in Responsible Gaming

SkyCity Casino

The SkyCity casino has proved to be a good host and they are responsible enough to be the best casino in Auckland. For realising its goal, they have a Host Responsibility Programme. The casino’s integrity in operating with full care and caution and ensuring that international standards and safety is observed are a part of its core functionality.

Many national and international experts and research agencies make robust plans for the casino for prevention and minimisation of risks. The SkyCity Entertainment Group has emerged as the epitome of sustainability.

SkyCity Entertainment

Staff Training

All the staff of the casino are made aware and trained about serving the alcohol responsibly, identifying problem gambling with its awareness programs and promoting responsible gambling among games.

Containing and minimising harm from gambling

SkyCity Casino is associated with the certified problem gambling service providers for providing assistance and support to players and others who have been impacted by gambling.

The casino never withheld any information about problem gambling. Rather they provide necessary information with exclusion options for support in problem gambling services such as gambling support helplines and both online and in-person counselling.

Promoting a safe and enjoyable gaming environment

Casino observes the following measures for maintaining safety and security in gambling premises: –

  • All practicable and possible measures are implemented to ensure the entry of competent adults into the gaming area. No underage person can enter the gaming area. In New Zealand, a person who has completed 20 years of age can enter and gamble in the casino.
  • Any person causing disruptions in the game or creating an unnecessary ruckus, reflecting abusive and violent behaviour, or is otherwise posing a threat to everyone may be asked to leave the premises.
  • People in a state of intoxication are barred from entering.
  • Customers or guests found to be indulged in loan sharking or money laundering will be escorted out.
  • SkyCity casinos follow local and national legislation rules in designating certain parts as non-smoking and smoking zones.
  • Everyone who desires to enter the premises of SkyCity casino is expected to wear neat, tidy and appropriate attire.

responsible gambling

How do they promote responsible gambling?

The casino administration acknowledges that its customers may be suffering from problem gambling. They feel obliged to support the families of these people. They offer help to anyone who shows symptoms of abnormal gambling behaviour such as: –

  • Disruption in the normal flow of life due to gambling
  • Feeling depressed after gambling
  • Trying very hard to win after losing
  • Indulging in gambling to deflect any worry or trouble
  • Change in sleeping schedule and eating habits due to gambling
  • Vulnerable to loan sharks and acquiring loans to pay off gambling debts
  • Committing or becoming a part of any illegal activity to support a gambling habit
  • Showing signs of self-harm after gambling

The casino takes measured steps such as training staff and controlling the amount of alcohol served as a responsible host. They may take disciplinary action such as excluding someone from entering the premises if they pose a threat to the casino or themselves. In this way, the SkyCity casino promotes responsible gambling.

Five things about New Zealand casinos that you need to know

New Zealand casinos

Whenever we visit New Zealand, the primary focus will be on the outdoors because of the beauty representing New Zealand.There are also high-end casinos in the big cities of this country. They have a great deal of business with the visitors as well as its locals. Whenever you plan a trip to New Zealand, visiting casinos and knowing their worth and culture will be enjoyable. Here are few facts about casinos in New Zealand:

Many cities have a minimum of one casino.

New Zealand, as stated, doesn’t have a single gambling hub, but the prominent cities tend to have at least one venue where casinos are placed, making it one of the significant parts of tourism in New Zealand. Auckland, Christchurch, and Hamilton are the most popular cities known for having excellent gaming facilities in New Zealand. Queenstown also has two major casinos, and Dunedin has slightly farther off the beaten path but is still famous among visits.

Extravagant casinos venues

The most extravagant casino place in New Zealand is the SkyVity chain because of these places’ facilities. SkyCity in Auckland is the largest casino in New Zealand, and its properties are also in Queenstown and Hamilton. These venues are trendy and prominent, unlike few chains in some parts of Western Europe. They have refreshing elegance in them, along with their uniqueness.

casino venues

Access might be restrictive.

The casino laws and expectations in New Zealand are different from what the world is having. They have certain restrictions for travellers which they should be aware of. The age requirement is strictly maintained (minimum of 20 years of age) to enter casinos. Besides your hiking clothes, you need to have something beside them because of the dress code in their rules.

Alternatives in online

Odds might be the real thing you might be looking for when visiting New Zealand in person. It is an advantage that there are casinos available throughout this country. Some pokies are slot machines but alternatives for table games that you’ll find in many real venues. The primary thing about pokies is the depository bonuses to help gamers get more than they might get in real-life establishments.

Best entertainment beyond gaming

If you have visited some of the major casinos in the world, then this might not be a surprise to you. But, for people who are New to Gambling and casinos, checking the two of New Zealand’s leading casinos, SkyCity properties, will be enough to blow your mind. SkyCity in Auckland is more like a function and a resort with top hotel facilities, and there is a kind of amusement park with many different restaurants and bars. Other casinos are delightful with their dishes and song concerts, which will keep you entertained throughout the time you are in.

Best Cultural Experiences in Auckland


There is one thing that springs up in the mind when someone talks about New Zealand and its Maori culture and heritage. Their traditions are an integral part of the national identity. This is not an ideology or a ritual, it is a feeling that can only be understood if one experiences it in person. This list will take you to places that make the feeling strong.



Rotorua represents Maori tradition in its purest form. It receives most of the footfalls of tourists because of its cultural connection with the indigenous tribe. There are various events and festivals that can be enjoyed across different locations of the Rotorua, such as: –

  • Tamaki Maori Village
  • Whakarewarewa Living Maori Village
  • Te Puia
  • Mitai āaori Village

The villages offer local performances depicting folklore and traditions. You may enjoy their cuisine at the Hangi dinner or relax and detox at the marae retreat curated specifically for visitors. These places encourage people to have a deep insight into local life.

Willow Bank Wildlife Reserve

South island is home to Christchurch’s Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. You may experience a full-on traditional welcome ceremony known as Powhiri before visitors enter the village. The camps and tutors there can teach you about the traditional tools used for hunting. You may learn the secrets of cooking recipes and styles and legends of the brave Maori tribe. The cultural exchange is wholesome as you get to become a part of the Hangi dinner and Kapa Haka acts.

Waitangi Treaty Grounds

They hold a significant and special place in the history of the country. The historic place is witness to the peace accord signed between the bruisers and the indigenous Maori tribe kings. The documents signed in1840 is called The Treaty of Waitangi. The original version of the treaty is not clear, but it has a strong say in society. Visitors can take the tour with a guide to explore the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. The permission to go is taken through a pass. You can visit the local museum, have traditional food and enjoy concerts. Waitangi Day is celebrated in February which is a national holiday for New Zealand.

Maori Cultural Festivals

Maori Cultural Festivals

These festivals are known for traditional performances. The theme is based around the Maori mythology and history depicted through dramas, acts, songs, folklores, dance, haka acts, and poi exhibitions. The most famous and grand shows are organised in Auckland and Queenstown. In Auckland, the festival is hosted by the War Memorial Museum running three times a day. The event in Queenstown opens in the evening and is sponsored by the Kiwi Haka Company at the Skyline Gondola. The show runs four times in a single night.

Reasons To Live In Auckland


Auckland’s city is diverse, along with its rich tradition and natural beauty. You can interact with people from many continents with different cultures. The people in Auckland are amicable. But the list doesn’t stop here; there are numerous beautiful locations to visit and discover in and around Auckland. If you are considering relocating to Auckland, the following list will be helpful.

Safe and friendly

If you’re worried about how the country will turn out, rest assured that it is known for its safety. New Zealanders are recognized for their openness and friendliness. The Maori culture’s generational zeal has made the people incredibly welcoming to visitors. The city is also politically stable, with citizens who place a high priority on human rights.

Economic hub

Auckland is creating a name for itself worldwide, even though the city is still developing. The city is growing as a result of the emergence of numerous innovative businesses and startups. Innovation centers are sprouting up all over the city and around the world. As a result, Auckland can be considered New Zealand’s economic hub and a world city with greater access to foreign markets.

Numerous job opportunities

All of Auckland’s people have access to excellent work options. With the increasing growth in the population, many big projects and new businesses are taking shape. With the expanding industries, it is apparent that there are several employment opportunities. As a result, job advancement in Auckland is significantly faster than in other bigger cities.

A combination of urban and rural

Auckland is a wonderful place to live since it combines natural beauty with urban influences. Auckland has the unique ability to combine the enthusiasm and passion of urban life with the peace and tranquility of natural beauty. You may get a variety of cuisines as well as several sorts of Auckland wines. If you enjoy coffee, Auckland will not let you down. If you’re seeking fashion inspiration, there are a variety of designer outlets to pick from. Wander around the city, and you could come across places where you can shop while admiring the sights. If you’re looking for an adventure, you can go anywhere because all-natural areas are close to the city.

A balanced life

If you’re seeking a place to live a balanced life, Auckland is the place to be. This is only one of the many reasons why people flock to Auckland. As previously said, Auckland is New Zealand’s economic hub, and its residents are diligent and hardworking at their jobs, but they also value the social world. Therefore, in addition to working, people take time to occupy themselves and spend leisure time by participating in activities such as going on excursions, participating in sports, spending time at the beach, and so on.

Future planning

Future planning

If you’re a family with children thinking about the future, Auckland might be the greatest option. Auckland is a fantastic destination for both adults and children. Aside from being safe and stable, the city is culturally varied, allowing children to broaden their horizons. Apart from receiving a global education, children can appreciate the beauty and understand its relevance from an early age, which will aid in developing their minds.

Places Where You Can Discover Auckland’s History And Culture

Auckland's History

Auckland is well-known for its stunning beauty, but it also has a long history. There are several native tribes with whom you meet and experience their culture. If you’re interested in learning more about Auckland’s history and culture, we’ve put together a list of places where you can do so while simultaneously taking in the natural beauty of the city.

Toru Tours

Travel around history with Toru Tours

With Auckland’s famous Toru Tours, you can book a ride and travel through the city’s cultural history. You might get to see some of the city’s most important cultural and historical sights if you go with them. Find some beautiful views with historical value on the tight three-hour tour outside the city. Throughout the time, ask your tour guide as many questions as possible about the location to learn about many historically unknown facts.

Look through history at Auckland Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira

Auckland Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira is one of the historical spots of Auckland. The museum contains the most extensive and most outstanding collection of thousands of Maori taonga treasures—Walk through the Maori Galleries to experience the stories of the taonga exhibited. Take a peek at the ancient tools, clothes, weaving, and carvings the ancient Maori community once used. Explore through many things yourself, or hire a guide to take you on a complete tour of the museum to learn more—the best way to know about the Maori culture. 

Learn about Maori history at Pakiri Beach Horse Rides

Do you enjoy horseback riding but also want to learn about Maori culture? Visit Pakiri Beach Horse Rides to make your wish come true. You’ll see some of Auckland’s breathtaking scenery and learn about the city’s rich Maori history. Don’t worry if this is your first time horseback riding; Pakiri Beach Horse Rides has expert riders who can assist you. The site is set in coastal surroundings and wanders down the white sand, which is highly captivating. While on your journey, you might stop by ancient tribes. If you still want more, you may sign up on a 5-day warrior trek that includes a stay in their ancestral home.

Walk through the volcano at Mount Eden

Walk through the Maungawhau volcano, which towers itself above Auckland. Hire a guide who will bring the mountain to life by telling you about its ancient history. Take in the magnificent view of the city from the highest point in the city, where you will see the city surrounded by harbors and islands. Learn about the origins of the city and the mountain’s history. For those who enjoy walking through history, this is a must-see.

 Mount Eden

Know about the local tribe at Tāmaki Hikoi

If you’re looking for some peace, this could be the spot for you. Learn about the native tribe’s intimate relationship with their land and water. For them, a playground for a year has suddenly become a learning circle. Take in the beauty of the Waitemata Harbour, which includes multiple volcanic cones, from its entrance. Learn how the Ngati Whatua tribe in the area has learned to adapt to the modern world. Hire a tribal guide to show you around the local tribes’ true history and culture.