Ways To Protect

Ways To Protect Auckland’s Natural Environment

Ways To Protect Auckland's Natural Environment

The natural beauty of Auckland is well-known. With close access to beaches, waterways, gardens, and the forest, it is a great area to live in because of its distinctive natural setting. Auckland is a city that is continually working to improve the standard of life for people. There is no doubt in saying that Auckland residents feel proud of their city. However, with increased industrialization, pollution, and climate change, protecting Auckland’s natural environment in every aspect has become a must.

united organization

Organizations that have come together

In 2010, the unification of the legacy councils enabled the united organization to take a more coordinated approach to environmental management. Auckland has been growing for decades, but with various entities participating in policies to improve the environment, the city is in better form than before. Different bodies’ initiatives, such as the Unitary Plan and the Regional Pest Management Plan, have aided in managing critical areas and wildlife in the region.

In this regard, Richard Hills, Chair Councillor of Environment and Climate Change, recognized the value of all initiatives. He claims that he has witnessed a successful environmental development over the last decade that has made a real difference.

The residents, too, were very supportive in working together for the well-being of the environment. Though the united organizations have worked so hard, yet there is a long way to go.

Ways in which the organizations have helped in the development of the environment

  • Along with the national Predator Free 2050 program, they presented a vision of a Pest-Free Auckland in 2050.
  • They acknowledged mana whenua’s significance as kaitiaki of Tamaki Makaurau, with their innate relationship to the natural environment and cultural well-being.
  • The strategies decided to employ a regional plan to kauri dieback research, reaction, and management.
  • There was a considerable increase in backing for society preservation with equal support across the area and at a city level through community councils.
  • The community gained massive funding in 2018 to help manage regional biodiversity threats among various plant and animal species.
  • introduction of a new and improved Regional Pest Management Plan where over 400 pest plants, animals, and pathogens are managed to safeguard the region’s biodiversity
  • Over 400 plant, animal, and pathogenic species were handled to protect the region’s biodiversity under a new and enhanced Regional Pest Management Plan.

Protect environment

  • By strengthening the pest detection dog squad, the pest-free Hauraki Gulf islands were offered better protection.
  • Mayoral Conservation Awards and “Pestival” events were launched to recognize and encourage community action on a regional scale.
  • Taking advantage of size and purchasing ability to ensure cost-effective delivery
  • The Tiaki Tamaki Makaurau conservation website was developed to encourage communities to take environmental action to provide simpler access to materials and information.

Final Views

These organizations’ actions have shown to be successful in achieving a better environment. The number of native birds returning to their natural habitat has increased. However, there is still a lot of work to be done on Auckland’s environment, and all must do it collaboratively.

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