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How Auckland protects its heritage topic

Auckland protects

The city of Auckland and its people believe truly in the cause of protecting their heritage locations, buildings of special significance and scenic streetscapes. The government and the citizens are obliged to do their bid to protect sites.

The Department of Conservation or Te Papa Atawhai is an agency recognised by the government of New Zealand. Its purpose is to protect and conserve the country’s cultural, historical and natural heritage. They are guided by the principles of Te Kaupapa a Te Papa Atawhai.

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Their purpose is Papatūānuku Thrives or Auckland’s heritage must thrive. The agency endeavours to reach the following outcomes: –

  • Te ora o Papatūānuku | Protection and conservation of nature’s bounty
  • Te hunga Atawhai | Caring and sharing people
  • Te ora o te Hapori | Communities that thrive and develop

The redevelopment and refurbishing projects can attract investments in making heritage sites and buildings having special significance o serve the public at large. In this sustainable way, the urban environment runs wild.

To make this happen, the City Centre Masterplan or CCMP operate at the local level. They

Understand the history of the city of Auckland

They have identified and recognised buildings, structures, heritage sites and landscapes to reflect on their importance.

Endeavouring and investing in the heritage sites to accomplish the goal of Tāmaki Makaurau or Auckland to grow and thrive.

The Auckland Unitary Plan

Management, conservation and protection of the heritage places and buildings having special significance are carried out according to the Auckland Unitary Plan. All the changes needed and action taken on these sites and areas are planned out according to the Unitary Plan to make sure that the sites maintain their relevance and continue to serve as a landmark inspiring the citizens and visitors.

What are the protected places under the jurisdiction of CCMP?

The CCMP keeps on adding places to their list of protected buildings and sites. The agency was started in 2012 and since then it has officially managed and protected the following: –

  • 66 sites of historical importance
  • One historic heritage area- Karangahape Road
  • 4 sites that hold cultural and heritage importance to mana whenua or the Maori Tribe. Three sites are proposed to be included in the list.

Historic areas under the CCMP

Two heritage areas having historic and cultural relevance have been marked, recognised, and protected. They are located near the commercial hub of Karangahape Road and the University of Auckland situated at Princes street.

Places of historic importance

The CCMP has been assigned to take care of the 215 protected heritage sites of historical importance. These 215 locations account for 10% of the total places in the region that are included under the Scheduled list.

15 sites important to mana whenua have been preserved and 41 trees and other types of fauna are also managed by the CCMP.

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